PhD student from Skoltech conducted research at SCTMS 
26 June 2017

20170621-01Artem Samtsevych, a PhD student of Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Skoltech) and a member of the Laboratory of Computational Materials Design USPEX, has worked at Samara Center for Theoretical Materials Science. His 10-day research trip was focused on advanced study of ToposPro software package.

Under scientific supervision of Prof. Artem Oganov, the young researcher works on prediction of new materials’ structures and description of phase transitions. During his stay at SCTMS from May 25 till June 2, Artem Samtsevych analyzed topological description of phase transitions in crystals. Prof. Vladislav Blatov gave consultations to Artem.

“As SCTMS is specialized in topological description of materials and prediction of new materials’ structures, our interests coincide. SCTMS researchers helped me to obtain better knowledge of ToposPro software package. It allowed me to work out solution algorithms of research tasks that I put for myself”, - A. Samtsevych comments.