Prof. Blatov began lecturing at the Northwestern Polytechnical University (China) 
2 May 2017

20170430-01Prof. Blatov came back from a working visit to the Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU, Xian, Shaanxi, China). During his visit (April 12-25, 2017) he began the lecture course in crystal chemistry and outlined the plan of research work with students of NPU.

Prof. Blatov gave five lectures on introduction to materials science to students of the School of Materials Science and Engineering. These lectures are the first part of the course «Computer methods in crystal chemistry and materials science» that consists of three parts. The first part will be finished in autumn. The next part will be dedicated to topological methods being developed at SCTMS and practical work on ToposPro software package, and the last part – to work with quantum mechanical programs.

Research work on the analysis of a series of cadmium coordination compounds being conducted by one of NPU master’s students is at the completion stage. The research results will be summarized in a research article.

On June 16-20, 2017, the International scientific school "ToposPro &13th USPEX Workshop" will be held in Shanghai, and one more school will be conducted in scientific center near Beijing in October 2017.