The Conference of SCTMS researchers 
21 February 2017

20170220-02On February 15, 2017, the scientific conference of SCTMS researchers was held. SCTMS researchers presented their projects and studies, which are being implemented within nine areas.


  • organizational principles and development of multipurpose databank on composition, structure and properties of crystalline matters and materials;
  • software development for search for “composition-structure-property” correlations in crystalline matters;
  • development of hybrid topological and quantum-chemical prediction methods of adsorption, catalytic and sensor properties of microporous framework and low-dimensional materials;
  • research of structure and physical properties of crystalline coordination polymers;
  • topological analysis of void spaces in microporous materials (zeolites, etc.) based on representing void spaces as elementary cavities (tilings) and Voronoi partitioning;
  • analysis of conductivity in solid electrolytes and cathode materials;
  • crystal chemistry of intermetallides and prediction of their properties;
  • research of mechanical properties of molecular crystals;
  • research of protein wrappings in crystals.