Prof. Davide M. Proserpio arrived to SCTMS on a working visit 
20 February 2017

20170220-01Scientific advisor of Samara Center for Theoretical Materials Science Prof. Proserpio arrived to Samara on a weeklong working visit.

Prof. Proserpio scheduled to make a plan of research work for the current year and finalize the works that are in the final stage, in particular, preparation of the research paper co-authored by Prof. Vladislav Blatov and Eugeny Alexandrov for publication in CrystEngComm. Pavel Zolotarev and the colleagues from Argentina are close to complete the joint research on the analysis of molecular crystal structures applying new methods of ToposPro. The research article by A. Ienco, A. Golov, E. Aleksandrov and D.M. Proserpio on metal-organic nanotubes are being prepared for publication.