Prof. Vladislav Blatov won Highly Cited Researcher Russia Award-2016 
9 December 2016

20161209-01Prof. Blatov became a winner of Highly Cited Researcher Russia Award-2016 and joined the rank of the most influential Russian scientists who greatly contributed to the Russian science development in 2016.

Among the winners are 14 Russian scientists in six nominations: Chemistry, Life Sciences, Earth Sciences, Biology, Mathematics, and Physics.

Citation data of the nominees was derived from the Web of Science database, being developed by Thomson Reuters, and analyzed by experts who evaluated positions of the nominees in scientific-research community.

Clarivate Analytics (former Intellectual Property & Science of Thomson Reuters) holds the awarding ceremony of highly cited researchers and research institutions within the annual initiative of Thomson Reuters aimed at assessing the overall success of science professionals and scientific research organizations of the Russian Federation on the global stage.