International scientific school “Topological methods for expert systems in materials science” 
17 August 2014

20140817The International scientific school «Topological methods for expert systems in materials science» was conducted by Samara Center for Theoretical Materials Science from 12th to 16th of August, 2014. The school attracted young and experienced researchers from Russian, Brazil, India, China, Poland and Saudi Arabia. The participants represented Indian Institute of Technology (Kanpur, Indore, Dehli), Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati Assam, Northwestern Polytechnical University (China), King Abdulaziz University Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), University of Sao Paulo (Brazil), Wroclaw University of Technology (Poland), Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and others.

The school program included lectures and workshops. Prof. Davide Proserpio and Prof. Vladislav Blatov held lectures. Workshops on Topos program were conducted under supervision of SCTMS professors and staff in order to provide personal approach to every participant. Graduate and postgraduate students, doctors and professors participated in the school, were set to master Topos program and solve concrete research tasks. Our workshops were designed to give the participants understanding of the basics of topological analysis, procedures of nanocluster analysis of intermetallic compounds and aimed at discovering new electrolytes on the basis of crystal structure analysis with the method of Voronoi-Dirichlet polyhedra.

SCTMS team was dedicated to support and consult the participants according to their research interests and tasks. The atmosphere was positive and inspiring and the participants established new contacts valuable for further scientific cooperation. One of the school participants, Jan Zareba (Wroclaw, Poland), prepared a research paper using Topos methods. His research paper was published in the scientific journal “Crystal Growth & Design” on October 10, 2014. This fact obviously confirms the relevance of SCTMS school.