Artem Kabanov won a grant of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research 
20 January 2016

20160121-02Research fellow of Samara Center for Theoretical Materials Science Artem Kabanov (Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics) won support of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research within the program “My first grant”. His application №16-32-00296 is in approved grants list. The project title is “Complex physical and chemical modeling of mechanical properties and processes of interstellar dust grain coagulation of various chemical compositions in protoplanetary clouds”.

The project is aimed at integration of the achievements in astrophysics, crystallography and materials science. The relevance of the research work of Artem Kabanov is proved with the fact that in 2016 for the first time the International Union of Crystallography and the International Astronomical Union will hold joint school-conference “Crystallography for Space Sciences”.