SCTMS research fellow is “Intellect-2015” prize winner 
8 September 2015

004Andrey Goltsev, a laboratory assistant of Samara Center for Theoretical Materials Science, took part in a prestigious contest in the field of professional education development of Samara region “2015 Student Award” and won a prize “Intellect-2015”.

Awards ceremony was held at MTL-Arena hall on September 5, 2015. Samara region leaders and directors of Samara region educational institutions have visited the ceremony.

“Intellect-2015” winners were selected according to the following criteria:
    – significance of research work for Samara region;
    – academic excellence;
    – successful participation in scientific conferences, seminars of regional, national and international levels.
All nominees were evaluated by a highly experienced judging panel: head of the Department of professional education, science and staff assistance, the Ministry of educational and science of Samara region A.N. Mochalov; vice-chairman of the Council of young researchers and experts of Samara region O.N. Kozmenkov; deputy director of Scientific and educational center of certification, diagnostics and expertise in energy and industrial security E.G. Irtegova; chairman of the Youth parliament of Samara Regional Duma, director of Youth Forum “iVolga” 2013-2015 A.E. Tokar; academic secretary of the Council of rectors of high schools of Samara region S.A. Tribunskiy.

It may be said with confidence that Andrey Goltsev deserves the award. He has a long list of achievements. Since October 2014 Andrey has been working at Samara Center for Theoretical Materials Science and participates in grants’ implementation. During this time he prepared and published research papers jointly with the scientists from China and Belgium, presented poster reports at the IUPAC project meeting and workshop “Topology representations in coordination networks, metal-organic frameworks and other crystalline materials” (Samara, 21-23 May) and the 29th European Crystallographic Meeting (Croatia, 23-28 August). At the IUPAC workshop he presented the research results on 1-periodic coordination polymers (metallorganic compounds), in Croatia he reported the latest research results on rod packing motifs in 3-periodic coordination polymers. Both research works were aimed at classification of the corresponding compounds and determination of correlations between structure and properties and were conducted jointly with Prof. Vladislav Blatov, scientific supervisor of SCTMS Prof. Davide Proserpio and SCTMS research fellow Evgeny V. Aleksandrov. Practical implications of the researches consist in the opportunity to predict compounds with given properties, for example, so called hydrogen accumulators which are applicable for fuel cells.

Andrey Goltsev gave such comments on his victory: “I’m proud to win a prize in such a significant contest. My victory in the contest means that my research work and its results are relevant for Samara region and I’m headed in the right direction. I participated in such contest for the first time. I should say that it was exciting. I’d like to thank my alma mater, Samara State University, and my scientific advisers. My achievements are now possible mostly thanks to Samara Center for Theoretical Materials Science”.