Webinar “Intermetallic compounds: modeling with polyshell onion-like nanoclusters” 
25 May 2016

On May 25, 2016 at 10:00 UTC (13:00 Moscow time) Samara Center for Theoretical Materials Science conducted the webinar "Intermetallic compounds: modeling with polyshell onion-like nanoclusters".

We considered structural description of intermetallics as an assembly of polyshell onion-like structural units (nanoclusters) by using a strict algorithm implemented into ToposPro. We discussed nanocluster model application to analysis of particular intermetallic compounds. We also presented the database containing information on topological properties of nanoclusters that was included to the set of the ToposPro topological collections as the Topological Types of Nanoclusters (TTN) collection.

Tutor: Prof. Vladislav Blatov
Language of the webinar will be English.

Webinar video