20160404-01 2 July 2019 
SCTMS employees won two youth grants Russian Science Foundation (RSF).

The projects of Artyom Kabanov and Pavel Zolotarev get funding according to the results of the 2019 competition for grants from the Russian Science Foundation (RSF). Pavel became a finalist in a competition to support initiative research of young scientists; Artyom’s application won a competition to support research of research groups under the guidance of young scientists. Both RSF events are part of the Presidential Research Projects Program.

20160404-01 8 April 2019 
Extension of grant financing from the Russian Science Foundation (RSF).

The project of SCTMS “Hybrid topological-quantum-chemical methods for prediction of adsorption, catalytic, and sensor properties of microporous framework and low-dimensional materials” (2016-2018) was successfully completed and was highly appreciated by RSF experts. The application for the extension of the project for two years (2019-2020) was supported with maximum funding.

20160404-01 9 July 2018 
SCTMS won a grant of Russian Science Foundation.

Dr. Eugeny Alexandrov, a senior research scientist, a head of the Laboratory of New Crystal Materials’ Synthesis of Samara State Technical University (SamaraTech) won the grant of the Russian Science Foundation (RSF) under the program “Basic research in groups under the guidance of early-career scientists”.

20160404-01 4 April 2016 
Grant of Russian Science Foundation.

Russian Science Foundation (RSF) has summarized the results of the competition to receive grants for the priority area of the RSF’s activities “Basic scientific research and exploratory scientific research, conducted by research teams”. Samara Center for Theoretical Materials Science has won 5-year grant for the project “Hybrid topological and quantum-chemical prediction methods of adsorption, catalytic and sensory properties of microporous framework and low-dimensional materials”.