Dr. Tilmann Leisegang and Dr. Pavlo Solokha in SCTMS 
10 July 2017

20170707-02Dr. Tilmann Leisegang (TUBAF, Germany) and Dr. Pavlo Solokha (Department of Inorganic and Industrial Chemistry, the University of Genoa, Italy) arrived to Samara Center for Theoretical Materials Science on long-term visits.

Dr. Leisegang will stay until August 1, 2017. During this period, jointly with Dr. Artem Kabanov and Roman Eremin he is going to prepare an application to ISCD Foundation to get support for joint research in Freiberg. He also intends to expand cooperation of the Institute of Experimental Physics of TUBAF and SCTMS in the field of the research and prediction of solid electrolytes. The main goal of his long-term visit is writing a monograph in modern aspects of crystallography in collaboration with Prof. Vladislav Blatov.

Dr. Pavlo Solokha will stay in Samara until August 9. The main topic of his research work is the analysis and synthesis of intermetallic compounds. The first stage of his research is aimed at processing the results that were obtained at the University of Genoa during Tatiana Akhmetshina visit and preparing research materials for publication. Dr. Solokha will give a series of lectures on crystal chemistry of intermetallic compounds. Together with Prof. Vladislav Blatov and Dr. Aleksandr Shevchenko, he will work on development of so-called “constructor of structures” on basis of ToposPro software package.