10 December 2019 г. 
Dr. Tilmann Leisegang’s article in top the most viewed pages in Frontiers in Chemistry.

An article by Dr. Tilmann Leisegang and his working group, co-authored with the employees of the SCTMS about aluminum-ion batteries, has become the most viewed article in Frontiers in Chemistry. Published on May 1, 2019, the article “The Aluminum-Ion Battery: A Sustainable and Seminal Concept?” was total views 11,121 on December 5.

20 October 2016 г. 
Anniversary Issue of Structural Chemistry edited by Prof. Vladislav Blatov.

The edition of Structural Chemistry Journal (IF 1.854, Springer Publishing) dedicated to the anniversary of Director of Silicate Chemistry Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, a member of RAS Prof. Vladimir Shevchenko was issued. SCTMS researchers have been fruitfully cooperating with Prof. Vladimir Shevchenko for ten years.